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Dental routines




Salutations, he said, covered in chocolate flavored sighs

his knuckles crackling like embers

but all I heard was a voice drenched in strawberry toothpaste departures

in mornings that are abruptly shaken by biting light and

alarms strung with anonymity

when the packed bags in the living room are monuments to the days we spent

meandering in what was

a blessing

for us.

Our burnt toast mornings with crunchy peanut butter stains on the red plaid tablecloth

we bought because it reminded us of ‘50s ads and our idyllic dreams of daily


because living with interest was never enough, so we chose the other spectrum of the extreme

or at least I thought


until your daily slice of bread and haphazardly poured coffee transformed into

minty flossed goodbyes

gurgling our tentative waves with morning traffic and a one-way train ticket

to somewhere a lot less convenient than fetching coffee for me in the morning

leaving bitterness between



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