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Submit to Plexus


We are now accepting submissions through April 30th, 2024 for our next issue! Please submit work to by 4/30/2024. 


We look for poems, stories, and nonfiction that are well-crafted, lively, and intelligent.  There are no requirements for content and we encourage exploring any subject matter or theme—medical or otherwise. Paintings, photographs, comics, and drawings are also welcome.


Please consider sharing your work with us. Medical students, physicians, alumni, patients, nurses, staff,  and PLME students comprise the majority of our contributors.


All work must be previously unpublished, which includes works posted to personal blogs, online journals, or magazines.


Please submit no more than five poems, two works of fiction, or two works of nonfiction at a time. While we will read works of any length, we strongly encourage that fiction and nonfiction submissions be less than 8,000 words.


Submit written works as attachments in .doc or .docx formats.  Any images should be .jpg, .tiff, or .pdf formats.


Please include the following information with every submission:

  • Title of the piece

  • Author’s name/pen name (and, if submitted by someone else, the name of the person who submitted the work)

  • One-sentence byline including your association with the medical community (if any)

  • Genre

  • Contact email (if different from the one used to submit)


We are a small staff and our average turnaround time is two months, but it can be longer. Please hold any inquiries about submissions unless you are notifying us to withdraw a piece.


Submit pieces by email to

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