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Welcome to Plexus, the official literary review of the Alpert Medical School of Brown University. We exist to foster the creativity that is inspired by and exists within the individuals of the medical community. Everyone—be it patients, medical students, nurses, or physicians—shares a visceral perspective of the human experience that is profound and informative, and we want to celebrate it.


Plexus was formerly known as The Quince, named for a bitter fruit native to Southwest Asia.



Melinda Li & Logan Brich


Sophia Ahn

Stephanie Francalancia

Anna Kimata

Grace Klaris

Mira Rajani

Emilija Sagaityte

Past Editors-in-Chief:

Fadwa Ahmed

Matthew Lee
Tendo Kironde & Mansi Shah

Zoe Weiss & Rebecca Slotkin

Abass Noor & Alissa Cooper

Aviya Lanis



A special thanks to the Alpert Medical School Student Senate and the Brown Medical Alumni Association for generously supporting Plexus. 

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