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by Q


In the wake of the torrential storm brewing around him,

A man ponders over the course of events that have recently come to pass.

He tries and tries, but just can't fathom how she could strip him of everything he had.

His wealth, his accomplishments, his hopes, and his dreams are now nothing but mere memories.

She's stolen his entire being, leaving what's left to rot in its own despair.

"There's nothing left of me now, so take me; take me for everything I'm not," he says,

And as he uttered those fateful words and braced himself for the inevitable end, he collapses,

Weak from the devastation of what he calls his "silent but deadly assassin."

So, there he lies feeling cold, frail, and void, eager for her to rid him of his incessant pain

When suddenly he begins to weep, but these tears, though plentiful,

Are not profuse with the cold, hard realization of his inevitable demise.

Rather, these are tears of joy, for in those few moments he began to realize that life is not about the terminus.

It is not about the power, the prestige, or even the thought of these materialistic convictions.

As he lies deep in thought, he realized that the true prosperity of life stems from the relationships and experiences

That come in the process of attaining those underwhelming objectives.

So, using the memories he's cherished of friends, family, and fallen comrades,

He musters the strength to transcend above the worldly absurdities racing through his convoluted mind

And breathe a last sigh of relief as the cancer takes all that’s left of a once ambitious fighter.

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