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Poem While Nanna Makes 3 Veggie Burgers / The Wisdom in Lethargy



as mom loses her memory

i try to go vegetarian.

i’m not sure why either are happening.


i’m inside of Nanna’s house.

the old dog lies on its mat, half a fixture.

outside, the fir trees are oblivious to suffering and entropy

they don’t seem bothered that Nanna’s cancer is back so soon after we celebrated her “cure”


further out from the house

the sagebrush extends up the fluctuating silhouette of the foothills

onto the mountain’s shoulders


the Ponderosa pines evolve over centuries,

and people abuse each other

too tired for compassion




when people are extremely



we are even too tired for aggression


too limp to bash one another, we collapse into each other's arms,

we may find that newly empty hands have room to accept love


Let these moments not be squandered

These moments are sublime.

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