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The Dock of Flesh




Inspired by Rumi’s “Like This”


If anyone questions the soulmate,

Send me away and read my mind like a map.

When you come blindfolded to my house

I will be a mountain awaiting the rain,

and spring will be here


like this.


When they ask how light

bounces off dew, open your mouth and

run a hand through your hair.


When someone asks how the bass moves feet

Look in my eyes, do not touch me and see me move.

Move like this,

and like this.


Show the silkworm the texture of your skin. Show the peacock,

And the mink,

And when they grow jealous

Show me.


When they go looking for the history of the arrow,

gesture to your ilium.


If they wonder how songbirds write their lyrics,

Rise gently from the bath and speak.


In the dead of night wake the sun with your tongue

And the wind with your breath.

Like this, like this, like this.

I must leave so that when I return,

People will know why horizon meets earth.




We meet elusively at land’s end

Where love lives.

At the dock of flesh you will kiss me,

All that you have missed,

My eyes and my soul

Like this, like this.

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