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Aiya, you look like a peasant!
          she smiled, guilty behind a brazen face

          intricate creases invading leather cheeks

like those breaking backs ion paddy fields
          her padded back curved on white sands

          delicately refined

          delivered by waves that crashed before

Aiya, laying out there like a crazy bairen
         shades of pigment

         shaded ridges

         interweaving on tapered limbs

         insatiable, as they watched

         ivory teeth bearing out from parched lips

showing your skin
         deep pores dripped

         saltiness into lusting waters

         patches of weaker pallor


Aiya, have you heard
         fiery rays silently beat

         drums of bronze

         into complexion

         into resonant caverns that ignite her

         drowning out resistance

skin cancer can kill you
         melanin seeping out in fervent rivers

         gilded toxins coursing

         they smiled, unsuspecting

         lethal dye

         this time

         it will not fade


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