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Return Home


Oh, Maama! I found you!

How I missed you!


I didn’t think I would find you

Not so tight, but don’t let go!


Maama don’t cry, I’m here


We are together now, don’t worry

I ate yesterday, there's no hurry


They treated me well in the camp

Rice with beans to eat!

And so many boys there

Just like me, all in bare feet


The Doctors were worried

When I was sick at first

But they brought me water

When I woke with thirst


They gave me tablets

And soon I was better

They were so nice to me


I wanted you there, Maama


Remember that time

I was sick with fever

Both me and Mirembe?

Where is she, where is sister?


Oh, how tight you’re squeezing me!

I even miss her teasing me


Why are you crying again?


But now we can all return home!

I am so happy to see you

I felt so alone


Yes, I know you love me

Yes, I know you never forgot


Where is Mirembe?

Is she at home in the village?

Please make us milk tea

And Mirembe will sing

We’ll dance by the fire

Finally at peace


How long must we stay?

What do you mean,

They’ve all gone away?


We can’t leave the fence?

Maama, I don’t understand

Who came for them?

You’re not making sense


Why haven’t you said Mirembe’s name?

Give me a reason!

Who will care for our garden?

It’s nearly harvest season


Was I bad, Maama?


I promise to be better

I will work harder in school

Even fetch all the water

No matter the weather


Please, Maama!

I want to return home


Why are things different now?

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