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Love Findings on Physical Exam

A Rearrangement


“HEENT: There is a tubular structure that is thickening. I have not felt it before. Patient thinks it might be new. LUNGS: Clear. HEART: Normal. ABDOMEN: Benign without tenderness, masses, hepatosplenomegaly or ascites. EXTREMITIES: Good pulses and power without edema, cyanosis, clubbing, varicosities, cords or Homan’s signs. NEUROLOGIC: Intact.”

–Doctor’s report from a yearly physical of a healthy patient



Initial Visit

HEENT: Eyes are without edema. Head is clear.

LUNGS: Normal.

EXTREMITIES: Good power.

ABDOMEN: Benign.

NEUROLOGIC: Good pulses.

HEART: Intact – has not felt it before.


Sick Visit

HEENT: Eyes tender. Head is without mass.

LUNGS: Clear.


ABDOMEN: New structure.

NEUROLOGIC: She has not felt this pulse before. Patient thinks it might be new.

HEART: Power.



HEENT: Eyes show edema. Head is pulsing.

LUNGS: Benign.


ABDOMEN: Mass without power.

NEUROLOGIC: Does not feel.

HEART: Without tenderness. Thickening.

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