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sure thing, these pins and needles are,


the headaches and the twitches.


When other senses aren't stimulated, it's amazing the things your body will feel, just to fill the brainspace with some thing. but if I could control it, harness it, directly, love the power created by the expanse...



Saying goodbyes.


Even continents drift apart to fuse with new masses


but under the billion year rumbles they remain fused, heat pouring from the stitching that a shitty seamstress-goddess sewed beneath miles of ocean to hide such shoddy work from the waking walking world above. but they do separate, if only to collide, to mix and eventually lose track of where the rocks really came from to begin with, whose were whose? pick and choose. arbitrary lines that divide us from each other, my atoms are my own because I ate them. What a globular mass of energy I am, selfish keeping these wonders to myself, in my cells, away from my brain so that they can behave in their magnificent plays with no audience to appreciate their roles. until now I guess. until science. now we see snapshots in black and white of these monumental happenings and we use duct-tape-drugs to build puppets that act like robots in this script that we write based on assumptions, based on the set of blobology [I mean biology] and the capacities of our brains.



Today I feel like we are capable of anything. Right now, I've lost myself, and I've become only blessed in my power to observe and appreciate my existence. Sensation is a truly wonderful thing. I've always run from my ability to acutely perceive my body's physical sensations. Now I watch my heart beat in my stomach when it's empty and the pain moves through my bowels as they squeal for satisfaction but I find myself only entertained by the aches caused by my body's desire for some combination of sleep, food, and relaxation. It talks to me so eloquently. All I need to do is listen and we'll be a fine team, I'm sure.

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