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What Eyes Can Say



Her eyes are a blend of

Chocolate and hazelnut

That glows a hint of amber

Under a passing streak of light


The wrinkles at the corners

Like the tiny feet of birds

Unfurling years and years of

Wisdom and heartache 

Fear and hope 


In these times all the more

I’ve noticed people’s

Eyes, light reflecting

Tiny lakes of green and blue, 

Swirls of coffee,

Caramel and chocolate.


As the masks cover up

Our mouths and noses

Our eyes meet again

Bid good morning, bid adieu 

Farewell, until next time,

Have a good day and

It was nice meeting you


And perhaps, even for a moment,

We toss the masks we’ve worn

Since before this pandemic.

We shed the masks

That have been blinding us,

Take off the masks

That cannot be seen.

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