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Like the Successful One



My heart is overrun with joy- a happy boy

You needed the shaping curves of a helmet

Instead of hands running round 

To shape that head


Rounding in Uthmanic style, 

Around the Ottoman,

Supporting your rounds around

Your walks wobble from side-to-side


You take the next step and the next

And the next and the next


On pounded carpet, soft enough 

Plush couches and chairs soft enough for the


Bounce back

Before your sisters, Amel and Sofia

Before your sisters, Hope and Spice


Stories read to them, they now read to you

Over and under, over and under, 

Under the reading fort - 

A blanket draped between twins 

Another world for you three  


Welcome to the next year of life, my son!  


I still feel the same way about you and the two, and the one lost  

A reflection of my hopes in Allah, 

A shield from things to come inshaAllah  


Late stumbles become strides

Strides in the way of your name sake’s name sake (saw) 


Mohamed Fethi, yes - like the successful one

Conquering odds in times when their hate 

Tied knots in my heart, and your smile loosened


Your eyebrows and cheeks and plump hands and feet 

Make little toes perfect for dhikr


Pinky toes to big toes - subhanAllahi, walhamdulillahi, wallahu Akbar

Pinky toes to big toes - subhanAllahi, walhamdulillahi, wallahu Akbar

WHITNEY TERRILL, MS'22: This poem is about my son's first steps. 

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