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First Their Blood Was Refused



First their blood was refused 

In lucid nightmare fashion 

They lay gaunt on gurneys 

Bony wrists lassoed by IVs


It’s hard to imagine these limp bodies

Once sprinting from nebulous assassins

Once squirming in the loops of lariats

Like agitated livestock who didn’t expect that 

Grazing on bucolic landscapes would lead to

Their light being sucked into black holes in

The corners of this circular utopia

And they atrophied in secrecy 

Bathhouse faucets spilled sanguine red 

Cosmic dust clogged their arteries

Till they were bloated with fear


Turbid remnants would emerge

During the autopsy, smoke billowing from

Scorched veins, leaving a hollow singularity

Where blood used to flow

But now my blood is wanted 

In lucid nightmare fashion 

They lay gaunt on gurneys 

Ventilators drilled into gasping gullets


Asteroid in hand, I ready myself to throw

But I crush it between my palms instead

Blowing kisses across the twinkling sky

Hundreds of thousands of shooting stars

For the light rays that never made it back

A member of the Brown University Class of 2023, SOJAS WAGLE is currently pursuing an Sc.B. in Psychiatric Epidemiology on the pre-med track, is a member of the nationally competitive Brown-RISD Slam Poetry Team, and has had his work published in Echo Magazine and Beyond Words Literary Magazine.

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