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American Dream




I want that American Dream

That all-you-can-eat, super-sized dream

That manicured lawn

John Deere dream




I want that red, white, and blue dream

That rags-to-riches dream

By your bootstraps

No seven fifty an hour dream

Not me



I want that pursuit of happiness dream

That amber wave dream

Playing ball with my boy

In the front yard dream

Enclosed by a picket fence




I want that warm apple pie dream

That life and liberty dream

That man is only as good

As his word dream

But where is that?




They want that to serve and protect dream

That neighborhood watch dream

That donated army surplus

To your hometown dream

Patrolled by spit-shined boots




They sell you that golden ticket dream

That land of opportunity dream

That college educated

Future doctor/lawyer/engineer dream

For only a small percent interest




So you have to buy that dream

But they promise a zero-down dream

And cash-back rewards

Which glimmer like your dream

When holding your SNAP card




Seems more and more like someone else’s dream

And I’m beginning to wonder whether they

Had it right when they said,

It’s called the American Dream,

Because you have to be asleep to believe it

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