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A Dark Road




When most of the country can’t see past the color of your skin,

I bask in the nourishing, protective power of our melanin.

I don’t love you, my peer, because you are black.

I love you because you are unapologetically the truest version of yourself.

Your blackness helps you understand my brownness.

Our coloring complements each other and most importantly,

I don’t have to explain

Or juxtapose

Or apologize

Or temper how I see the world because you have always been my neighbor.

We are partners in the shadows of our own skin.

We see the light of privilege and step cautiously towards a bleakly trodden path.

Ever looking back to invite more to join on this passage,

Out from behind their veil

Away from the complacent arms of familiarity

And across the narrow opening that guards opportunity.

Hold my hand and never let go.

If only one of us makes it,

Then at least we chipped away at the foundation.

But if we make it together,

Then promise me that the blinding light of prosperity

Won’t erode the route we fought to get here.

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